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Valet your car whilst you are away?


Meet & Greet

Q - What is the advantage of using the Meet and Greet Service?

A - The car park will meet you right outside the airport terminal, so no need for transfer to and from the car park saving valuable time on the days of your departure and arrival.

Q - Are your drivers insured to drive my car?

A - All drivers are insured fully comprehensive to drive customer's vehicles.

Q - Where will my car be taken?

A - Your car will be taken to a secure car park for the duration of your trip.

Q - How will I know where to meet you?

A - Once you have made your booking we will send you a confirmation which details how this service works and will confirm your meeting point and time at the airport terminal, if you want to change your meeting time or have any other questions just telephone one of our reservations team who will be pleased to help you.

Please make sure you ring the correct number for the car park on your confirmation

Q - What if my return flight is delayed

A - Don't worry, The car park companies monitor your return flight so will know if you have been delayed.

Car Valet

Q - Can I have my car valeted whilst I am away?

A - Yes, you can return from your trip to your car looking like new again!
You can get a valet from only £30*, please add it to your booking.

*Price varies according to provider